Anza Energy is the exclusive owner of a patented technology that reduces air emissions from combustion engines, while improving fuel economy and engine performance. The technology is housed in a small chamber with one inlet and one outlet that is fitted to the air intake of any naturally aspirated internal combustion engine, including diesel or gasoline engines. The technology is scalable to all engine sizes, and is cost-effective to produce because the technology makes use of specially-coated surfaces that react when charged with direct current from a vehicle battery. No moving parts are required.

The process employed by this technology synergistically combines five chemical and physical processes, thereby changing the nature of air being drawn into the combustion chamber of an engine and preventing emissions.



  • To modify all combustion engines
  • To eliminate particular matter
  • To reduce emission
  • Enhance fuel efficiency


We are a California-based startup developing and implementing cutting-edge technology for emission-free combustion engines. Working in partnership with German engineers, our technology will be brought to market in 2016.



Obama administration announces historic new regulations for methane emissions from oil and gas

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Polluted Skies Heighten Challenge for Chinese Government

BEIJING — Red has been considered the color of prosperity and good fortune in China for centuries, and it is also the color of the Communist Party. But this week, it took on a darker meaning here, as it began to symbolize the failure of the party to rein in toxic smog that regularly endangers the health of hundreds of millions of people in the country’s north.  Read full article >>


Study: Idaho’s Air Pollution Second Worst in Nation

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Study: Particulate Matter Pollution from Shipping Worse than Thought

Scientists from Lund University in Sweden say that particulate matter (PM) pollution from ships may be worse than previously thought, UK media reports. Read full article >>



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